Esoteric Title: Queen of the Thrones of Flame
Elemental Attributions: Water (cold, wet) of Fire (hot, dry)
Elemental Combination: Emotions transform the Will

   For your ally, emotions transform the spiritual will, resulting in openness and generosity. Her dress suggests the brightness of the sun, her golden crown is sprouting leaves, and her scepter is a sunflower, revealing not only her love of light and beauty, but her ability to manifest them both. She herself embodies the Fire within nature that manifests as splendor and abundance. Of all the Queens, she is the only one with her legs apart, revealing that she is open to the life-force. She is warm and passionate, though sometimes--because of the intensity of her energy--dramatic and impulsive. She sits solidly on her throne, however, productively channeling her impulses. Two lions, symbols of the element of Fire, stand rampant behind her, but she is also like the affectionate, self-contained and insouciant cat in the foreground, basking in the sunlight. She attracts, in an almost magical way, the joy that she radiates.

QUALITIES: Open, generous, emotional, sensual, warm, passionate, dramatic, self-contained, radiating and attracting joy.

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