Esoteric Title: Princess of the Shining Flame, Rose of the Palace of Fire
Elemental Attributions: Earth (cold, dry) of Fire (hot, dry)
Elemental Combination: The Senses transform the Will

   Your ally studies her wand. Since she represents Earth of Fire, her primary focus is on how the spiritual Fire is manifesting within the material world, including her physical body. The life-force manifests in different ways in the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical planes, and here we see her openly fascinated by the sexual aspect of her physical nature. (The wand is undeniably phallic.) The Fire is not only stimulating her sexuality: She is feeling the overwhelming need to explore new, dynamic qualities in herself. Relying on her senses, she is totally in the moment, consumed by curiosity. She is direct and dynamic, but not completely aware of how to channel the impulses inside of herself in a productive way. Her reliance on the physical senses makes it difficult for her to understand the impulsive Fire in her nature. None of the salamanders on her shirt has its tail in its mouth, which (compared to the King and the Knight) suggests immaturity and a lack of completion. She is at the beginning stage of a project or phase of life, and nothing has started to grow yet. Your ally shows the ability to focus and a strong sense of fascination, which is the basis for developing a broad base of knowledge. Her desire for growth, suggested by the way she gazes at the leaves sprouting from the wand, points to the eventual manifestation of her intentions, which is far more likely to happen if the energy is not blocked at any level. Your ally is at a stage where nothing has manifested yet, but strong, creative impulses will eventually lead to productive growth.

QUALITIES: Intensely curious; creative (at the beginning stages); feeling strong physical impulses; sensual, direct; learning how the life-force manifests on all levels, especially in the body.

The Knight of Wands.
The Knight of Cups.
The Page of Cups.
The Moon.
The World.