Esoteric Title: Lord of the Flame and Lightening
Elemental Attributions: Air (hot, moist) of Fire (hot, dry)
Elemental Combination: Intellect strengthens the Will

   Your ally, full of strength and vitality, reins in a rampant steed. His plume, his shirt, and even the horse’s mane resemble tongues of flame. Resilient and adventurous, like the Fool, your ally values experience and loves to follow spiritual impulses. He has the qualities of the two most active elements, Air of Fire, which suggests that he is both intelligent and impulsive. In his explorations, he has wandered into a desert, but he is up for any challenge. Dynamic and enthusiastic, he is not afraid to explore unchartered territory, but he sometimes finds that his is not directing his energy in the most productive ways. Like his horse, his mind is energetic and swift but sometimes his impulses are a little difficult to control. Only a few of the salamanders that decorate his shirt are biting their own tail, suggesting that he has not yet achieved spiritual maturity. The life-force thrills through him at every level and propels him forward, but he lacks the sense of completion of the King and Queen. His strong mind enables him to focus intensely, but this ability occasionally leads him to spend too much time in the intellect, which can cause a kind of spiritual dryness. However, he feels the joy of adventure and shows great determination to complete his quest.

QUALITIES: Feeling the thrill and excitement of the life-force, leading to the joy of adventure. Resilient, intelligent, vigorous, swift, strong, eager, determined. Focusing on completing a quest.

The Queen of Wands.
The Page of Wands.
The Knight of Cups.
The Priestess.
The Emperor.
The Lovers.
The Hermit.
The Devil.