Esoteric Title: Prince of the Chariot of Fire
Elemental Attributions: Fire (hot, dry) of Fire
Elemental Combination: Wisdom strengthens Will

   Each suit of the Tarot deck represents one of the four elements, or states of being, and each position in the court hierarchy also represents one of the four elements, which means different levels, or sub-elements, exist within the main elements. The King represents Fire, the Queen Water, the Knight Air, and the Page Earth. The Queen of Fire, for instance, represents Water of Fire, suggesting that emotions (Water) influence spiritual will (Fire). These are listed as “Elemental Combinations" above each description. Your ally manifests, as Fire of Fire, the essence of the plane of spiritual will. As the King, he realizes the potential for harmony, abundance, and magnificence in the human spirit. The impulses of Fire thrill through him, but his far-sighted gaze reveals his sense of social responsibility. He shows through his knowledge of the infinitude within the wisdom to use Fire to create or destroy for the highest possible good. The fiery intensity of his spirit burns away negativity, including selfishness and cynicism, and your ally uses the same fiery determination to create what is necessary for himself and the community. The golden flames in his crown suggest the transformative power of his element that leads to higher awareness. He stares off into the distance as though compelled to assert his ambitious ideas, which are visionary and idealistic, and remains a little edgy but stable on his throne. He rules strongly, like the regal, magnificent lion, symbol of the element of Fire. His knowledge of the Fire of the spirit has given him dominion of his world and enables him to remain connected with cosmic forces on the spiritual level. The King knows the eternity within revealed when everything is burned away, suggested by the salamander with its tail in its mouth, a symbol, repeated both on his cape and his throne, of spiritual maturity. Your ally, experiencing powerful spiritual impulses, maintains dominion through self-knowledge, connection with powerful cosmic forces, and great focus and discipline.

QUALITIES: Aware of potential for harmony, abundance, and magnificence in the human spirit. Wise, creative, responsible, strong, energetic, intense, daring, visionary, idealistic, assertive, disciplined, magnificent.

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