Esoteric Title: Queen of the Thrones of Air
Elemental Attributions: Water (cold, wet) of Air (hot, moist)
Elemental Combination: Emotions transform the Intellect

   Your ally sits on a throne as clouds gather in the background behind her. She, however, rises above the clouds into the clear air as one bird, symbol of mental purity, flies directly above her head. Queens in each suit symbolize the element of Water, which is associated with emotion, and the suit of Swords is associated with intellect. Like the figure of Justice in Trump XI (but unlike the King of the same suit), she holds her sword straight up, suggesting a balanced perspective brought on by a deep emotional response to varied experience, including negative ones such as pain and sorrow, suggested by the clouds on the horizon. Intellect, coupled with experience and sympathy, results in clear vision and harmony. Unlike the figure of Justice, she does not hold scales in her left hand but instead holds her hand up in a gesture of openness and acceptance. The clipped tassle on her left hand suggests that whatever has bound her or caused confusion has been cut away. On her head rests a crown of golden butterflies--gold symbolizing not only mental energy but the incorruptibility of spirit, butterflies symbolizing transformation. For your ally, the transformation into the Higher Self is happening in the crown because the intellect is coupled with emotion, clear vision and balanced understanding which has developed through experience, sympathy, and acceptance.

QUALITIES: Bright, intellectual and emotional, balanced, fair, perceptive, compassionate, just, gracious, understanding, sympathetic--the intellect coupled with emotion, clear vision and balanced understanding developing through experience, sympathy, and acceptance.

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