Esoteric Title: Princess of the Rushing Winds, Lotus of the Place of Air
Elemental Attributions: Earth (cold, dry) of Air (hot, moist)
Elemental Combination: The Senses transform the Intellect

   Your ally is turning to look behind her. Her sleeves and leggings are yellow, her frock is brown, and her boots are red. Yellow in the suit of Swords is a symbol of mental energy, red is a symbol of action, and brown represents Earth. Her mental energy, in other words, is focused in her arms and legs, leading to movement, and she is strongly influenced (since she represents Earth of Air) by physical experience. Her movement appears slow and graceful, like a dance. Of all the Pages in the court cards, she is the only one who is not looking directly at the symbol of her element, as though distracted. Her head is “clouded” by the senses. She suggests the most basic use of the intellect: learning how to use the body to survive in the material realm. Her sword is tilted to the right--opposite the direction of the sword of the King, who represents the influence of spiritual will on the intellect--suggesting that the influence of the physical senses for the Page causes a lack of balance to the other extreme. (Only the sword of the Queen, whose intellect is tempered by emotions, is balanced straight up and down.) Her physical senses motivate her to be vigilant, but there is another reason she looks over her shoulder. Her senses are engaged, but she, at this stage, is not wielding the sword of mental power with any strength, and her inexperience results in uneasiness about people and situations. Unlike the Knight, her response to conflict is to turn away but to maintain a watchful eye. Butterflies, symbolic of the transformative power of mental energy, cannot be found anywhere in her realm (unlike that of the King, Queen and Knight of Swords.) She can’t focus on the sword and therefore can’t realize its potential for solving problems, but she has a child-like, earthy innocence in this phase before the conflicts related to self-knowledge and desire assert themselves, which evokes a kind of longing and nostalgia for a simpler stage of life.

QUALITIES: Focus on mental energy in the body, basic survival, coordination. Return to an earlier stage--innocent, naive, sensual, easy-going, child-like, in a phase before the conflicts related to self-knowledge and desire assert themselves.

The Knight of Swords.
The King of Pentacles.
The Page of Cups.
The Page of Pentacles.
The Moon.
The World.