Esoteric Title: Lord of the Winds and Breezes
Elemental Attributions: Air (hot, moist) of Air
Elemental Combination: Knowledge transforms the Intellect

   Your ally rushes headlong into the fray while a storm tosses the birds above him this way and that. He holds up his sword as though leading an army, but no one else is in sight, which suggests that he is either leading the charge or is confronting a problem by himself in a dramatic and courageous way. Your ally represents the element of Air unadulterated by any other influence, and it is no accident that the primary symbol in this element is the upraised sword. Internal conflict at this level is commonplace as thought-forms filled with emotions and desires flow incessantly through the conscious mind, often leading to external conflict. Above your ally, the birds that symbolize clear vision from a great height are buffeted by tumultuous winds. Your ally’s red shirt, by contrast, shows perching birds--not birds in flight--as if to suggest that meditative stillness plays an important role in the wise use of the intellect. Your ally seems exhilarated by conflict, which can be both good and bad. On the positive side, he could be rushing into the fray in an effort to deal assertively with a problem. On the negative side, his actions may be premature, unexamined, or merely flamboyant, which can end up making the problem worse. Yellow butterflies hang as emblems on the horse's chest near its legs, so the fusion of conscious intention with action is stressed here. The butterflies are not positioned on or near the head, as is the case with the King and Queen of Swords. The energy of the intellect is focused on change, not on higher awareness. The transformative energy is like the storm that can destroy or renew--or do both at the same time. In contrast to the Queen, who embodies the type of harmony that stems from inner balance, the Knight embodies the ability to act quickly and decisively.

QUALITIES: Dealing with problems quickly and decisively. Acting forcefully and fearlessly. Feeling exhilarated, courageous, dramatic.

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