Esoteric Title: Prince of the Chariot of Winds
Elemental Attributions: Fire (hot, dry) of Air (hot, moist)
Elemental Combination: The Will strengthens the Intellect

   Your ally sits literally in the clouds, holding up a sword, the symbol of the element of Air. The King resembles the figure of Justice in Trump XI, but his sword is slightly tilted to one side, and only his headdress is red. Unlike the balance suggested by the sword and scales in Justice, the tilted sword suggests that your ally is influenced by spiritual will in the realm of intellect, red being the color of Fire as well as a symbol of action. The Kings of each suit, in other words, represent the element of Fire, and the suit of Swords represents Air, so your ally as the King of Swords reveals the intellect altered by spiritual will. Like the figure of Justice, your ally gazes straight out at the world. His unblinking demeanor reveals openness and wisdom, yet your ally is also up in the clouds, detached, which can make him objective, or cold and unsympathetic. Unlike the figure of Justice, your ally does not hold scales in his left hand, suggesting that, although he may be knowledgeable, his judgments are not always perfectly balanced. Without sympathy, he can be harsh and domineering. Birds, also a symbol of Air, fly high above the earth behind the throne. Birds in the sky can see a great distance and suggest the wisdom of seeing from eternity. Thought can take flight, but the intellect often feels the tension of choice, hinted at by the number of birds. Two of anything for the intellect can lead to comparison and judgment, and instead of maintaining balance, the intellect often judges one thing superior, or, as the case may be, inferior to another. Again it is suggested that the intellect and the will by themselves are fallible--judgment without sympathy can lead to a lack of balance. However, the crown is yellow, suggesting mental energy, and its curves seem to morph into the cloud-like butterflies decorating the throne. Butterflies, symbols of transformation, suggest that to attain the wisdom of the Higher Self, the use of the intellect, though occasionally flawed, is necessary. The heights of the psyche cannot be reached without it.

QUALITIES: Wise, unblinking, stern, detached, knowledgeable, judgmental, using transformative power of intellect to attain higher wisdom.

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