Esoteric Title: Queen of the Thrones of Earth
Elemental Attributions: Water (cold, wet) of Earth (cold, dry)
Elemental Combination: Emotions transform the Senses

   Your ally leans over, gazing at her pentacle with great tenderness, as though she is gazing at a child. She resembles The Empress in Trump III, evoking qualities related to Venus, such as love and abundance. The color scheme also suggests the different forces in her domain: red for Fire, blue for Water, yellow for Air, and green and brown for Earth. The flowers intertwined above her resemble the flowers in Trump II, which shows the Magician in the act of bringing spiritual forces down into manifestation on the various planes. In the Queen we witness not the act of creation but the life-force powerfully embodied within her on all levels of being, the magic manifested in ordinary life. In that sense, she resembles the King of Pentacles, but her red dress evokes passion and the intensity of her emotion. Your ally represents Water of Earth, so the emphasis is on the emotions in the physical plane. The rabbit hopping nearby and the images of fruit on her throne signify fertility, but not just on the physical level. Her emotions are fertile, creating an abundance of positive feelings like the flowers that surround her. Her maternal feelings are suggested by her gaze and by the image of the child on the throne. She manifests the magic of love which can fill ordinary life, a magic too often taken for granted.

QUALITIES: Maternal, nurturing, loving, sensual, passionate, kind, productive, domestic, manifesting the magic of love in ordinary life.

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