Esoteric Title: Princess of the Echoing Hills, Rose of the Palace of Earth
Elemental Attributions: Earth (cold, dry) of Earth
Elemental Combination: Experience influences the Senses

   Your ally gazes up at a pentacle in fascination. Like all of the Pages, your ally is, in the most basic sense, a student. As Earth of Earth, she represents a preoccupation with the physical realm, but mainly in the sense of learning through experience. She holds the pentacle lightly but carefully, showing great curiosity and diligence, approaching experience with innocent curiosity. Your ally may not yet know how harsh experience can be, but the tilt of her head and her posture suggest the attitude of the Fool (Trump 0), the eternal child who remains resilient in the face of adversity. The Fool, despite the harshest experiences, can remain innocent through a recognition of the eternal, divine core of his being--his frock contains a design that suggests both the spheres of the Tree of Life and the fruitfulness of experience. Your ally, on the other hand, wears a plain green shirt that suggests that she is just beginning to experience the world. The Fool is not focusing on a specific object, whereas your ally is giving the pentacle her full attention. In the distance, a tilled field suggests the fruitfulness to come. The mountains in the background hint at the heights your ally can achieve through her diligence. At this stage, her gaze suggests great attachment to the pentacle. Eventually, she will come full circle to an understanding of the richness of experience for its own sake and a recognition of spiritual freedom that enables a person to let go.

QUALITIES: Learning through experience, diligent, careful, innocent, sensual, earthy, curious, attached.

The Knight of Pentacles.
The Page of Swords.
The Moon.
The World.