Esoteric Title: Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land
Elemental Attributions: Air (hot, moist) of Earth (cold, dry)
Elemental Combination: Intellect transforms the Senses

   Your ally sits on a black horse. He holds up a pentacle in his right hand, but instead of looking directly at it, he seems to gaze beyond it at the tilled field. Leaves adorn the horse’s forehead, and your ally has green plumage projecting from of his helmet, hinting at the potential fertility of the fields. The Knights of each suit tend to embody action, as opposed to the stability of the Kings and Queens on their thrones. Instead of motion, your ally evokes a sense of duty and responsibility. The Knight of Pentacles, steady, diligent, and alert, has reined in his black horse, and he waits, perfectly still, as though tasked with guarding the land. The blackness of the horse evokes the element of Earth, an element which tends to block out the light of the spirit. However, as the tilled field signifies, Earth is the plane where spiritual, mental and emotional forces manifest in form. Your ally, as Air of Earth, represents two types of form: thought-forms of the intellect and physical form. Ideas, or thought-forms, can eventually take root and grow in the physical realm if one has enough vision and can follow through with patience and persistence. Your ally sits, steady and hard-working, in the yellow atmosphere of mental energy, taking the responsibility for following through with his ideas and watching them grow. The mountains, far off in the background, hint at the heights his mind can achieve if he remains creative and disciplined enough.

QUALITIES: Responsible, following through with ideas, fostering growth, persistent, dedicated, hard-working, patient, alert, steady, diligent, protective.

The Queen of Pentacles.
The Page of Pentacles.
The Knight of Swords.
The Priestess.
The Emperor.
The Lovers.
The Hermit.
The Devil.