Esoteric Title: Prince of the Chariot of Earth
Elemental Attributions: Fire (hot, dry) of Earth (cold, dry)
Elemental Combination: The Spirit transforms the Senses

   Your ally gazes down at a pentacle in his lap in a garden where flowers and vines seem to be taking over--flowers even grow from his crown and grape vines seem to have merged with his robe. As a representative of the Fire of Earth, your ally reveals the potency of the life-force originating in the spiritual plane and manifesting in the physical plane. The ram's heads on the throne suggest that the life-force on the physical plane manifests as great sexual power and fertility. The grapes symbolize abundance and sweetness and inebriation, all of which signifies your ally’s enjoyment of life, but the red, five-petaled roses in his crown, the grapes, and the ram's heads reveal a deeper significance. The five-petaled roses tie the King's power to Geburah, the fifth sphere on the Tree of Life associated with Mars. The grapes evoke the spiritual inebriation of the Christ center, the sixth sphere; the wildness suggests the sphere of nature, the seventh sphere; the yellow crown and atmosphere suggest the mental energy of the eighth sphere; and the ram's heads evoke both the etheric magnetism and instincts of the ninth sphere as well as the zodiac sign of Aries, which is associated with Trump IV, the Emperor, a path of stimulating, dynamic energy connecting Chokmah, the second sphere, with Tiphareth. On the Tree of Life, the Kings are positioned in Chokmah, a sphere of the most potent, dynamic masculine energy in the cosmos. The Tree of Life reveals how the life force manifests down the planes, both in the cosmos and the individual. Your ally embodies the life-force as it manifests on all levels of the psyche, while the wolf's head under foot reveals that he keeps the wilder and more ferocious instincts under control. He wears a wreath below his crown to suggest the victory of the unobstructed life-force manifesting, not just as sexual power, but as personal power on all levels of being, and he holds a gold scepter in his right hand to show that the power of the life-force gives him dominion of his world.

QUALITIES: Manifesting the life-force on all levels--creative, fruitful, powerful, solid, successful, purposeful.

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