"As a connecting path between Yesod and Hod, between the sphere of the Moon and the sphere of Mercury, the 30th Path reveals the self moving from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind--suddenly aware of the super-conscious higher self, symbolized by the Sun. On several key paths, as you move higher on the Tree of Life, you go deep into the subconscious to experience higher awareness. You descend in order to ascend because the higher self is driven into the subconscious mind by the demands of the physical world and social conditioning. When the higher self surfaces from the subconscious mind, the conscious mind is illuminated.
   “On the 30th path, the child on horse back suggests rebirth into higher consciousness after the process of purification, which began on the previous path. In this card, the sunflowers are turned away from the sun toward the child as if the child is the source of the light, and the life-force is magically responding to the emergence of higher awareness. The horse suggests the great, potent energy of the life-force, and its whiteness reveals not only purity but the oneness of all colors combined.
   “Purification leads to revelation. After you cleanse yourself, you can hear with the inner ear and see with the inner eye and know in your heart what is true, even if there is no physical evidence to support that knowledge. At times, you might feel yourself to be the archetypal light, transcending all the bounds of what you believed you were. There is a danger of exalting the self above everything else, however, instead of feeling connection and sympathy for all things. The negative pole of this energy is pride, a selfishness that interferes with knowing the oneness of all things--the fields upon fields of energy emanating from the Source. Be as quiet as a sunflower or an ibis and you can see the true vision and hear the true voice that exalts you above petty concerns.”

Atziluth: Orange.
Briah: Yellow gold.
Yetzirah: Rich amber.
Assiah: Amber, rayed with red.

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