“Today we travel one of my favorite paths, ‘The Moon,’ which connects the Kingdom, Malkuth, the plane of physical manifestation, with Netzach, the sphere in the astral plane called ‘Victory’ associated with Venus and Aphrodite and Hathor. The God Anubis is particularly important in the lower paths because he is the shaman who guides us through the subconscious, the lower astral plane, to higher consciousness. Parts of the subconscious are filled with the repressed emotions and the foul thought-forms and the terrors of our collective consciousness. Anubis in this age is an extremely important God because he can move us beyond the horrors and miseries of our recent history to the higher realms. The fearful and foul aspects of the collective subconscious can be terrible impediments on the path, so it's good to invoke the higher vibrations of the God.
   “A jackal and a dog are howling at the moon in this card. The jackal is associated with Anubis because it can sense its way through the darkness. Also remember that whatever the Source has created is essentially good, including our primal instincts, but since our race, given free will, has chosen repeatedly to channel negative, fearful energies into individual and collective consciousness, we have to cleanse and spiritualize the instincts to bring them back into harmony with creation.”
   “In the card, you see in the foreground a lobster or crayfish crawling out of the water onto a path that leads between two towers in the distance and a dog and a jackal near the path in the middle ground howling at the moon. You might feel a great pull from the moon, as if it were a magnet drawing your soul to it, expecially since in the picture the sun is directly behind the moon. The moon is the transitory lower self that reflects the light of the sun, the Higher Self. Even the most primal instincts are pulled toward the higher vibrations, and the powerful energies of the life-force call us to evolve toward higher consciousness. Our instincts attract us to Venus, the Goddess of love and the arts. At the beginning we howl, but then through the arts we move into the sublime. The beauty of nature and the beauty that is latent within us wake us up from the sleep of the lower self like the trumpet call of Gabriel in ‘Judgement.’
   “The towers are like the columns of the Tree of Life, and the path winds toward the hill of attainment, toward the sun behind the moon, toward Tiphareth, toward Beauty, toward the center of the Tree, the center of harmony and equilibrium. Powerful rays of energy in the shape of the Hebrew letter Yod fall all around, filling us with the energy of the higher self. Even the most primitive instincts are cleansed as we climb out of the waters, remembering our evolution. Through purification we are free of the dark energies of our history. We face the shadow and achieve Victory and know the victory of the One manifesting as the many.”

Atziluth: Magenta.
Briah: Buff, flecked with silver-white.
Yetzirah: Pale translucent pinkish-brown.
Assiah: Brownish gray stone.

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