“Associated with Aquarius, the 28th path leads to Netzach, the seventh sephira on the Tree of Life, the sphere of Venus. The Tree of Life reveals not only the qualities of the microcosm, but also the evolution of the macrocosm, in other words, the cosmos. Each individual person is like a drop of the macrocosm, containing all of its energies and potentials, and each individual is developing those potentials at a different rate. After the involution of the cosmos to its current state, we, the inhabitants of the Kingdom, which is the tenth sephira known in Hebrew as Malkuth, began a process of evolution, or movement back up the tree, stimulating all of the latent potentials with us. Those energies are slowly blossoming within us, so that we are becoming more and more God-like.
   "From the veils of negative existence, in other words, from energies that are currently far beyond the human mind, the first state of being emanated, the sephira known in Hebrew as Kether, the Crown. Kether is the Source of the manifested cosmos, the unified state of pure life-force from which everything comes and to which everything ultimately returns. After that initial state of being achieved perfection, another stage of evolution began, and the energy of Kether overflowed to form another sephira, known as Chokmah, or Wisdom. You see, in the Qabalah, God is always pouring out life-force, always evolving, always creating. Chokmah is a sephira of force, the dynamic, masculine, stimulating force in the cosmos, which eventually overflows to create the state of being known as Binah, or Understanding. Binah is a sephira of form and is therefore feminine in nature, giving birth to all forms that have ever existed. These states of being are the roots of manifestation, beyond our brain consciousness, but certain symbols represent them. Chokmah has often been personified as God the Father, and Binah as the archetypal Mother, the Goddess. Whatever is born of the Goddess must die, and so birth, death, and rebirth are associated with the feminine side of the Tree. Remember that the most ancient form of the trinity revealed the triple nature of the Goddess as creator, preserver, and destroyer. But without Chokmah, there would be no force to ensoul the form, and without the force overflowing from Binah, there would be complete stasis.
   “So the next stage of evolution began. Remember that we have been dealing so far with first principles, the principles of unity and polarity. These first three sephiroth are supernal, existing on the other side of an abyss that brain consciousness cannot cross. Kether is the crown of creation, existing beyond the physical, just as the crown chakra exists above the head, behind existence, in a sense.
   "Binah is associated with Saturn, and the other sephiroth, or states of objective existence, are associated with the planets of ancient astrology, each sephira containing the qualities of the Gods associated with it. It might be easier to think of the sephira in terms of the planets and Gods associated with them. For instance, on the 30th path, the path of The Sun, we traveled from the sephira Yesod, the Foundation, associated with Luna, the Moon, to Hod, Splendor, associated with Mercury. Remember that Greek equivalent of Mercury is Hermes and the Egyptian equivalent is Thoth. These Gods are associated with mentality, the clever intellect, with language and the creation of form. On the other side of the tree is the sphere of Venus, where we are traveling today, the sphere of emotion and beauty, the sphere of music and the arts.
   “The card shows a naked woman kneeling by a pond, pouring liquid from a pitcher in her right hand into a pond and liquid from another pitcher in her left hand onto the earth. One large, central star floats over her head and seven other large stars float nearby. The seven stars are related to the seven primary chakras. After purification, they shine brightly without any clouds or veils to dim them, and the eighth is a special kind of consciousness that exists after purification of the energy centers, the consciousness of the higher self. With this higher consciousness, the woman is completely open to the world, naked, revealing the truth of the soul.
   “The ibis, symbol of Thoth, perches in the tree behind the woman--Thoth, the God of the conscious mind who manifests thought. Sothis, the celestial Isis, associated with Sirius, the star that appears just before the Nile floods, pours the higher consciousness of the Goddess into the Kingdom. She works with Thoth, the great magician, who crafts the forms that ensoul her forces. She is Isis as Venus, the Goddess of the sephira Netzach, who creates beauty and harmony and manifests divine love in the Kingdom. Hathor married Horus, Venus married Mars, these Goddesses containing great power, the power of the life-force on all levels, the power to create great beauty and harmony through love.”

Atziluth: Violet.
Briah: Sky blue.
Yetzirah: Bluish Mauve.
Assiah: White, tinged with purple.

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