“‘The Emperor’ is an intimidating fellow.”
   “He is indeed. He is certainly one of a kind.”
   “What exactly does he rule?”
   “That is truly the question, isn’t it? Notice the mountains of molten lava behind the emperor’s throne. Even the sky is orange. He is sitting in a world of fire, which is appropriate, since Aries is the fire sign associated with this path. This is the fire that consumes and purifies so that new life can spring forth; this is the fiery energy of new life in springtime. This is the fire of the mind, which destroys what is not beneficial and creates the highest good. Our emperor friend is a self-actualized individual who has dominion over his own world--and who takes responsibility for everything in it. In a sense, every individual is an emperor, containing the intense fire of the life-force, whether or not he knows it. We each hold our own orb and scepter. What we do with these gifts is our karma.”
   “But aren’t some people born into terrible situations?”
   “No one can deny that it is incredibly difficult in some cases to extricate oneself from bad situations. But the fire of the mind is extremely powerful. It can burn away negative thought patterns completely and fill constructive thought-patterns with great force. The emperor is not just a ruler of a world but a god who can create new worlds, being connected with the Source. Notice that this path connects Tiphareth, the central sphere of equilibrium, the Christ center, the sphere of the higher self, with Chokmah, the transcendent sphere of pure, intense, dynamic life-force on the other side of the abyss. The emperor recognizes he is on fire with the life-force and that the life-force is on fire all around him. That fire from the Source within his own mind is what he rules.”
   “You mean that anyone can be the emperor?”
   “Each person is an emperor, but it takes the fire of courage, which is another Martian virtue, to realize it. The human race wants to set one person aside, like a pharaoh or a Christ as the archetypal ruler, without recognizing that the archetype exists within each person and for each person, not just one. It takes courage to break away from the herd mentality and take dominion of your life. So many things seem to be against it, but the mind can burn all that away and use the energy of the life-force to take the necessary action.
   “When you feel the life-force flowing into you from Chokmah, you see the fiery play of the life-force and feel a strange sense of eternity and know the transitory nature of all things from a transcendent perspective. That, in one sense, is what the Hebrew letter Heh, which means ‘window,’ suggests--transcendent sight. But the letter Heh, which is the second and fourth letter of the tetragrammaton, Yod, Heh, Vau, Heh, the God-name Jehovah, also suggests not only how we perceive but how we create our world on the mental and physical levels, the ‘worlds’ of form. To simplify a bit, we perceive, we interpret, we create, we remember. Initially, Yod is the spark, the catalyst of creation, on the spiritual level, and Vau is the nail or peg, the force that holds the creation together on the astral level--the Heh in the second and fourth positions relates to the forms of mental and physical perceptions and creations, thought-forms as well as physical forms.”
   “So, can I ask kind of a personal question?”
   “Fire away.”
   “What did you experience when you did a path working on the ‘Path of Heh’?”
   “At first, the scepter jumped out at me and grew larger and larger. Suddenly I fell into molten lava and every part of me burned away except for the awareness that I was a point of consciousness in a vast, fiery ocean. Then, using my will, I rose above the lava and realized that I was a white-hot ankh, which very much resembles a scepter.”
   “That’s not all. A few days later, I read that one way to take the initiation of Osiris is to imagine submerging yourself in molten lava, which is a kind of symbolic death and rebirth. Synchronicities do tend to happen occasionally on the spiritual path.
   “In the card, you see a ruler sitting on a throne in a world that appears to be on fire. With his own mind, the emperor creates stability and establishes personal dominion. With the potency and power and courage of Aries on every personal level he creates his own world, working as a co-creator with Spirit. Nothing can stop him from realizing his own potential aligned with the transcendent spiritual will.”

Atziluth: Scarlet.
Briah: Red.
Yetzirah: Brilliant flame red.
Assiah: Glowing red.

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