Enchanted Tree of Life


   Deities surround us, but Western cultures have all but lost the ability to know them, especially since the vast majority of people no longer have regular contact with nature. Because comparatively few have had the opportunity to experience the conscious, invisible forces behind manifestation, and science has no devices to detect them, the Gods are treated as the phantasms of primitive, superstitious minds. To a few, the archetypal figures of the Gods shed some light on the mindset of ancient cultures, but the Gods typically remain oddities for the modern, rational individual, who has never mused over their bones nor gawked at them like so many giraffes and elephants in the zoo. The spiritual significance of the Gods eludes the average person, who often only encounters them in brief retellings of myths.
   Science has never adequately explained consciousness, let alone created a device that measures all aspects of the psyche. Science, on the other hand, has revealed that the five senses can only perceive a small fraction of the measurable frequencies of energy in the known universe. Mounting evidence also suggests that human beings have a “sixth sense” that is sensitive to subtle currents of energy, resulting in phenomena that cannot be explained nor explained away: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy, retro-cognition, precognition, and other types of extra sensory perception. And there has always throughout history been faith in a spiritual dimension, a faith which develops after repeated experiences that cannot be measured but which have an immeasurable effect. All of this is not proof, of course, that deities exist; however, the most advanced cultures in the history of civilization have had their pantheons of Gods or Angels, the great Shining Ones who influence human evolution. Were those cultures simply primitive, or is modern, monotheistic humanity missing something?
   Based on its needs in different times and places, the human mind has created the forms of deities as a way to connect with the invisible natural forces. Spiritual traditions have operated from time immemorial as if these natural forces are intelligent and willing to ensoul the symbolic forms, channeling their energy into the human mind. To those with the powers of sympathetic imagination, the Gods aid circumstances and stimulate evolution. If one is reverent enough, sensitive enough, and fervent enough, the Gods return, the form a symbolic fabrication of appropriate correspondences, the force real. If one successfully invokes a God, one can feel that humans are like amoebas in comparison; humans notice the Gods because we are made of the same soul stuff, only much less developed: "As above, so below." Fashioning symbolic human and animal figures simply makes the invisible forces more accessible to the human imagination.
   The mystic glyph of The Tree of Life factors out these forces, revealing the correspondences between the macrocosm and the microcosm. Nobody knows the origin of the fantastic symbol system known as the Tree of Life, but legend has it that a Shining One gave it to humanity. Based on my experiences, I cannot imagine that any human being could have created it. On the surface, the basic structure appears simple. As many have pointed out, the Tree on one level is like a filing system that enables one to classify the various energies within the cosmos and the human being--the macrocosm and the microcosm. Because the human being contains the energies of the macrocosm, energetic correspondences exist at subtle levels perceived by the soul.
   Very real dangers exist when dealing with the Gods, no matter what culture has fashioned them, however. The energies invoked each have a positive and negative pole, a virtue and a vice, so to speak. The danger is that when concentrating a specific force during a ritual, one tends to heighten at some point in the operation the corresponding negative and positive aspect of one’s personality, depending on the sphere one is contacting. If one is greedy (Malkuth), “idle” or spacey (Yesod), dishonest (Hod), lustful (Netzach), egocentric (Tiphareth), angry or cruel (Geburah), or prejudiced (Chesed), for example, there is a strong chance that one will become more so if one lacks the discipline to polarize from the negative to the positive poles when dealing with the forces. For instance, with any Goddess of Love, such as Venus, on the positive end of the energetic spectrum is high spiritual love and compassion; on the other end is lack of chastity and lust. If one cannot polarize the force, moving, if necessary, from the adverse extreme to the positive pole, the energy is very likely to manifest in its adverse aspect. One can receive greater energy and courage from the martial Gods, but if one does not polarize from the negative pole, cruelty and destructiveness are the inevitable results. Truth is the highest ideal in the Mercurial realm of the intellect, the adverse side being dishonesty, which can, of course, have disastrous consequences.
   The cosmos is comprised of innumerable types of energy. Think, for a moment, of each type of energy as a color. The spectrum ranges from the most brilliant white to the deepest black. You have the ability to choose which colors you want in your world. To a very great degree you can also choose which energies you channel into your life, many of which are not perceptible by the five senses. The experiences of the past one hundred and fifty years alone have revealed what kinds of terrible energies can be channeled into our plane. Please remember that whatever you do comes back to you. Your karma is your own, of course, but striving consistently for the highest good is the best defense--even if occasionally you make mistakes....
   Understanding the law of polarity is the key to understanding how to handle the forces--the key, really, to survival and spiritual development. If you look around, you can find examples of polarity everywhere. Obvious examples of polarity are hot and cold, masculine and feminine, love and hate, spiritual and physical. In fact, you can find examples of polarity on all levels of being, and you can always move from one pole to the other by degree. For instance, you can move by degree from hot to cold or from love to hate, or vice versa. The universe is not caught in an eternal conflict between good and evil, God and the Devil. One pole is not absolutely evil and the other absolutely good. The spiritual is not better than the physical, just like ice is not better than water. They are simply two poles of one thing, and everything is relative in context.
   Essentially, the ability to polarize from one state to another to establish harmony reveals to a great extent the degree that a person has evolved. Remember that I said everything is relative in context. Hot water is better than cold in some contexts. Severity is better than mercy in some contexts. Knowing what is needed and having the ability to polarize to the required state is the true strength. Your primary goal is to know how to polarize mentally from one state to another, from the physical plane to the spiritual plane, for instance, or vice versa, depending on the circumstances. If you develop the discipline, you should ideally be able to move by degrees emotionally, mentally, or spiritually for the highest good in each situation, maintaining balance the way a person on a bicycle maintains balance. And, like riding a bicycle, once you learn how to do it, you never forget.


The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

   Perhaps the most effective way to eliminate negative energies is by performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. The Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram starts with the Earth element in the lower left hand corner and moves toward the apex, the element of Spirit, or Aether, then to Fire, Air, Water, and back to Earth. So for the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the player should lay down the card with the unwanted energies in the middle of the star and then the Ace of Pentacles in the lower left hand corner. Then proceed as in the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, placing “Judgement” at the top of the star, the Ace of Wands in the lower right hand corner, the Ace of Swords in the upper left corner, the Ace of Cups in the upper right corner. Then draw the full pentagram above the star in the same order from the Ace of Pentacles back to the Ace of Pentacles, thereby banishing the energies in the card.
   Before you invoke any energy, become aware of its opposite on the Tree of Life. For instance, the sphere of Mercury (Hod) is balanced by the sphere of Venus (Netzach), the sphere of Mars (Geburah) with the sphere of Jupiter (Chesed), the sphere of the Moon (Yesod) with the sphere of the Sun (Tiphareth), and vice versa. When in doubt, consult the Tree of Life.

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