Gathering of Kings

   Soon the sun went down and a full moon rose over the mountains. Jason wandered on a moon path farther than he had ever been before, hoping that he would find Crystal asleep under a tree. Off in the distance, he could see animals gathering around a stone, many different kinds of animals, a coyote and a bobcat and a squirrel, an oriole and a bluebird. Each animal wore a golden crown. "Maybe Crystal is with them," he thought. "Maybe they are the bad fairies!" He crept closer in the moon shadows. Crystal, however, was nowhere to be seen.

Last Meadow Flowers

   "This is the last meadow. Why are people still destroying the forests and streams?" the bobcat king asked. "Do the powers want the people to worship only them?
   The animals made growling and screeching sounds. "They are so greedy that they can't stop themselves," the coyote king answered. "They want everything for themselves. The powers use trees and plants and animals and even other people for their own gain, without considering the future."
   "What if they are afraid? Could they be so afraid that they are only obsessed with their own survival?" the bluebird king asked.
   "But why don't any of them stop the powers? Do they not feel connected to the flowers and streams at all? Do they not realize that beauty is disappearing, that they will be slaves to their survival? Do they not realize that soon they will destroy themselves?" the squirrel king asked.
   "They do not allow themselves to feel! How else could they be destroying all the meadows?"
   Jason in the shadows could hear everything they were saying, and he could see the last meadow flowers and streams in his mind's eye as they talked.

Last Meadow Flowers

   Suddenly the animal kings turned to Jason. "Who are you? Why are you here?"
   "I, I, My name is Jason," he stammered. "I'm searching for my daughter. Have, have you seen her?"
   "Why do people want to destroy the last meadows?" the bobcat king inquired.
   "I, I don't know. I just want to find my daughter." Jason did not want them to know that his company had just finished building houses on top of a meadow.
   "But you have the golden cross in your heart! Have you also forgotten that you are a king? Do you not know the abundance within you?"
   "I don't know. I'm just looking for my daughter!" Jason cringed.
   "They have all forgotten!" the coyote king howled.

Guardian Angel

   "Wait, give him a chance," the oriole king chirped. "Close your eyes. Think of the meadows and streams and all the gold you have in your heart. Think of those moments when you felt yourself so large that you were part of the forest and the sky. Think of those moments of love for your daughter."
   Jason could see those moments in his mind's eye, and suddenly his heart and mind seemed to balloon, and he felt like he was rising out of himself. In his mind's eye, he envisioned an angel hovering above him. Was it a guardian angel or some higher part of himself? He couldn't be sure, but in the bright light, he felt so much larger than himself, and everything seemed to glow.

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