Lupine on the Hillside


   An elder once claimed that the tribe of blue flowers is like a wolf pack that takes over any place where it can flourish, so two boys were throwing spears at lupine flowers that covered the hillside. As one of the boys was about to spear a stalk, he realized that an animal in the distance was rushing below the calm surface of the flowers, so they chased after it to a stream. Suddenly both boys saw a mountain lion crouched on top of the rock in front of them.
   Both of them froze. Both of them knew that they should not run. Both of them knew that together they had a chance to frighten the wildcat, but one of the boys suddenly sprinted down the hill. The mountain lion bounded after the fleeing boy and suddenly pounced. Together the mountain lion and the boy tumbled down the steep hillside and fell off a cliff into the river below.
   The boy suddenly felt separate from his body. Strangely he could see everything around him, including his body moving under the water, with the mountain lion, dead or unconscious, floating nearby. Then he started experiencing time in a completely different way, and he recognized himself in other times and places, both male and female, as though in different visions, but all at once.
   No longer limited by his physical senses and aware that his true consciousness is far more expansive than he could ever experience in a human body, the boy was suddenly drawn to a version of himself in another time, a man who was carrying a strange tool and wearing clothes of a kind that the boy had never seen before. This different version of himself was strolling through a river bottom that appeared to have experienced a terrible disaster. The trees were dead and black and the vegetation had been eaten up to the same level all the way around the river bottom.
   This other version of himself was exploring the site of the boys village, but the huts and all the people in the tribe were gone. The pounding stones were covered by a thin crust of mud, as though water had covered everything for a long time and then had dried up. The boy then realized that he was seeing himself in the future, a word that was quickly losing its meaning in this realm where all time existed at once.
   The boy knew what this different version of himself was thinking. He was thinking that in another life he had experienced a prophetic vision of himself in the river bottom and that now he was living what he had long ago envisioned. He was thinking that his soul knew during the vision that he would remember from one life to another what he had envisioned. From his own larger perspective the boy was experiencing the actual vision that the other version of himself in linear time would believe had been a vision that foretold the moment he was now living.
   Suddenly the soul of the boy merged with the soul of the mountain lion. Somehow the mountain lion communicated that it was not the boys time to pass over and that in his next life he would know when a wildcat was nearby--even when there was no evidence of one. Then the boy saw that after the age of twelve, the future version of himself would completely lose connection with his essence, but after thirty years he would start meditating and having visions and remembering his past life and feeling his connection to all other creatures so that he would have powerful knowledge of the difference between his transient personality and the expansiveness of his true being. His mysterious connection to mountain lions would help him remember the vast watershed of the soul, and he would then try to communicate his knowledge of the depth and expansiveness of the spirit to a destructive, fragmented society in an age of disrespect and disconnection.
   Suddenly the boy surfaced from the river, gasping. He had been under the water for some time--how long he could not tell, and he weakly swam to shore where the body of the mountain lion had washed up. The boy lay on his back near the confluence where he had seen the future version of himself strolling through the waste land and he heard loud voices as tribe members rushed over to him. The boy, who could never adequately explain what had happened, ended up using the skin of the mountain lion as a cloak for many years afterwards and always knew from then on when a mountain lion was nearby, watching him.

Meet a Mountain Lion.
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