The Tree of Life as the Micrososm (The Individual)


Beginning with The Qabalistic Cross

   The rituals known as the Qabalistic Cross and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) help you to shift from the every day world to a spiritual focus. The Qabalistic Cross activates the aura in a balanced manner, linking the Divine with the higher self and preparing the subconscious mind for subtle forces. The LBRP, based on the equal-armed cross--which symbolizes the integrated personality and the harmony of the elements within manifestation--is normally performed immediately after the Qabalistic Cross and helps you to open even more to spiritual dimensions while clearing your ritual space and your mind of unwanted subtle energies. The LBRP protects you from unexpected astral influences and should be performed without fail after you open yourself spiritually to any subtle energy. Not to do so would be like opening your home to anyone on the street, except, of course, that subtle entities can be more powerful than any living human. At the risk of stating the obvious, I should mention that subtle forces usually cannot be perceived by the physical senses and therefore can end up being extremely troublesome. Banishing is a MUST.
   Performing these two rituals shows the subconscious mind and the universe that 1) you are opening your subtle senses and your heart for the purpose of living in your higher self, and 2) you are also opening your sphere of influence to subtle forces. Both your soul and the universe will take you seriously, so you should not perform these rituals unless you are ready to expand your concept of self and to invite spiritual energies into your aura. In addition, as you regularly clear your aura of unwanted energies, you will eventually begin to see what is interfering with your spiritual development, which means that you might very well become motivated to make changes that affect other people. Performing these rituals shows a commitment to spiritual development that should not be taken lightly.
   These rituals should be performed at least once a day if you are pursuing a spiritual path. You do not need any magical tools or regalia to perform the ritual, but you do need a small space and a little uninterrupted time (about ten minutes or so). As far as space considerations are concerned, you should be in a room where you can at least turn and step forward in each of the four cardinal directions, east, south, west, and north, in that order. Many people choose to perform the LBRP twice a day, once in the morning and once the evening, due to the cleansing nature of the ritual. Before you begin, it helps to tense and relax the muscle groups in your body, from your toes to your scalp, while you are lying down. It also helps to imagine draining all the negative energy out of your aura into the Earth’s magma and then filling your aura with light. The more relaxed and purified you feel, the more effective the ritual will be.


   The Qabalistic Cross, which is referenced at the end of the Lord’s Prayer, activates specific spheres of the Tree of Life within the aura and helps you shift to spiritual concerns. You begin by bringing pure spiritual light and energy from the limitless Source through your crown chakra, then down below your feet to Malkuth, “the Kingdom,” then back up to the heart center, over to the right shoulder, associated with Geburah, “The Power,” then across to the left shoulder, associated with Chesed (also known as Gedulah, “The Glory”) and then back to the heart center. After the energy has circulated through the aura, you release it back to spirit as you conclude with “Amen.” As you perform the ritual, vibrate the words out loud (if you feel comfortable doing so), or in your head using what is called “The Great Voice," so that your whole aura seems to vibrate with the sound, the premise being that all matter is the vibration of energy: By vibrating the divine words you are tuning your mind to the highest vibration. The basic ritual is as follows.

STEP ONE: Imagine yourself in the middle of a circle and face east.Visualize a brilliant light from the Source descending slowly, a small fraction of the endless, limitless light which comes to rest on the crown of your head.

STEP TWO: Imagine your head filling with the brilliant light. Point to your crown and vibrate A-TOH (“Thine”). Direct the light with your finger down the middle of your body until you are pointing at the ground, with your hand covering your groin. Visualize the brilliant light going down through your body beyond your feet to the center of the Earth and beyond to eternity while you vibrate Mahl-KOOT (“The Kingdom”).

STEP THREE: Now direct the light with your finger quickly up to your heart center and over to your right shoulder. Visualize this beam of light extending from your heart out to eternity as you vibrate Vih G'Boo--RAH (“The Power”).

STEP FOUR: Direct the light with your finger across your heart center to your left shoulder. Visualize the light extending from your heart out to eternity on your left side while you vibrate Vih G'Doo-LAH (“The Glory”).

STEP FIVE: Bring the light back to your heart center and clasp your hands as if praying. Visualize a brilliant golden glow in your heart. Vibrate Lih-Oh-LAHM (“forever”) Ah- MEN. Bring your hands back up to your crown and release the light back into the universe.

   Essentially, you are linking the Divine with your higher self, directing the energy to the Earth, Malkuth, then back up to your heart center (associated with Tipareth, “Beauty”), then over to the middle sphere on the right pillar of the Tree of Life known as Geburah, then over to the middle sphere on the left pillar known as Gedulah, then releasing the energy back into the cosmos. You are, in other words, saying as you perform the ritual, “For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever, Amen,” while you activate the aspects of your higher self represented by the Tree of Life in your aura.


   After you finish the ritual of the Qabalistic Cross, feeling the power of the Divine linking with your higher self within your aura, perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) to clear your ritual space and your sphere of sensation of unwanted subtle influences.

STEP ONE: Again imagine yourself in the middle of the circle. If you have room, step a few feet directly to the east; if not, simply face east. Draw a five-pointed star (known as a pentagram) in brilliant blue light, beginning with the bottom left point at your left hip, moving to the top point above your head, then down to the lower right point at your right hip, then over to the upper left point just beyond your left shoulder, then over to the upper right point just beyond your right shoulder, then back to the very point where you started.

STEP TWO: Inhale deeply, imagining that the energy of the Divine is entering your body and permeating your aura. As you inhale, raise your hands to the sides of your head next to your ears, with your index fingers pointing forward and the rest of your fingers closed into a fist.

STEP THREE: Step forward with your left foot while at the same time thrusting your hands, with index fingers still pointing forward, into the center of the pentagram. As you do this, exhale the Divine energy back into the cosmos and vibrate Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh, which stands for the Hebrew letters Yod, Heh, Vau, and final Heh of the “Tetragammaton” (the letters of the unpronouncable name of God).

STEP FOUR: After you bring your hands back to your ears, bring your left foot back to its original position. Put your left hand down by your side and extend your right arm, pointing with your right forefinger at the center of the pentagram. Move clockwise ninety degrees to the south at the edge of the circle (or simply turn east if you don’t have room), mentally drawing a brilliant white line with your forefinger at the level of the center of the pentagram until you reach due south. Draw a pentagram as described in Step One and repeat Steps Two and Three, this time vibrating Ah-Doh-Nye (“Adonai”).

STEP FIVE: Repeat the steps shown above, but go to the west and vibrate Eh-Heh-YEH (“Eheieh”).

STEP SIX: Repeat the steps shown above, but go to the north and vibrate AH-Glah (“Agla”).

STEP SEVEN: Complete the circle by drawing the white line to the center of the pentagram in the east, imagining that the white circle you have drawn expands into a brilliant white sphere, with the blazing blue pentagrams still in each quarter. Then move back to the center of the circle (if you have not been simply pivoting in the center). You are now in the center of a divine, protective sphere, with the pentagrams in each quarter charged and sealed with the names of God.

STEP EIGHT: Form a cross with your body by holding your arms straight out to the sides. Imagine that your body is a brilliant cross of light. Imagine a towering figure in front of you in a bright yellow robe with violet hems and highlights. The figure holds a long, brilliant sword perfectly balanced straight up and down. As a breeze comes towards you from behind the figure, say, “Before me, Rah-Fay-EL. (You are vibrating the name of the Archangel Raphael--who symbolizes the element of Air.)

STEP NINE: Visualize a towering figure behind you in a bright blue robe with orange hems and highlights. The figure stands on a rock in a stream in front of a waterfall and holds a golden cup. As you feel the moisture in the air, say, “Behind me, Gahb-Ray-EL. (Vibrate the name of the Archangel Gabriel, who symbolizes the element of Water.)

STEP TEN: Visualize a towering figure on your right in a bright red robe with green hems and highlights. The figure stands in fire and holds a caduceus, a wand entwined with serpents symbolizing the life force. As you feel the heat of the fire, say, “On my right, Mee-Chai-EL (Vibrate the name of the Archangel Michael, who symbolizes the element of Fire. The “ch” in “Chai” should be gutteral, like “Bach.”)

STEP ELEVEN: Visualize a towering figure on your left dressed in a white robe with black hems. The figure stands in a fertile landscape and holds sheaves of wheat. Say, “On my left, Ohr-Ree-EL . (Vibrate the name of the Archangel Auriel).

STEP TWELVE: Imagine a brilliant blue pentagram outlining your body and say, “For about me flames the pentagram and within me shines the six-rayed star.” Then Visualize a hexagram (also known as the Star of David) in your heart center. Repeat the Qabalistic Cross.

   If you perform a simple or advanced invocation using the Tarot after that, make sure that you repeat the Qabalistic Cross and the LBRP.

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