The following, step by step, shows the process of laying down the cards--including modifiers--as a way to first banish the negative energies in the Eight of Swords and then release the positive energies of Jupiter associated with the card. Of course, for effective invocation at the advanced level, you should do simple invocations of each number card first, in order to internalize the symbolic meanings. In the beginning level when you are playing the games, you only need to lay down the cards in a Pentagram Spread as a way to practice for advanced invocation.

The Eight of Swords with Foundation Cards (The Four Aces and Judgement)

   Start by placing the Eight of Swords in the center of the pentagram. Then, to banish the negative energies of the Eight, lay the foundation cards down in a banishing pentagram, beginning with the Ace of Pentacles, then laying down "Judgement," then the Ace of Wands, the Ace of Swords, the Ace of Cups and continue the motion with your finger back to the Ace of Pentacles.

Four Number Cards Associated with Jupiter and the "Wheel of Fortune"

   Next, to invoke the energies of Jupiter, which includes the energies of expansion, abundance, harmony and spiritual magnificence, first lay down the Wheel of Fortune over the Eight of Swords, then use the motion to invoke the energy of Jupiter in the Wheel of Fortune. Start by placing the Four of Wands at the lower right point of the star, move to the upper left point and lay down the Four of Swords. Move to the upper right point and lay down the Nine of Cups. Then move down to the lower left point and lay down the Two of Pentacles. Imagine the energies of Jupiter filling your heart and mind until your aura is filled with abundance, harmony and magnificence.


   Modifiers add power to your invocation. All modifiers should be related in some way to the card that is the primary focus. You should first invoke the appropriate figures in the modifying cards as a way to internalize and summon their energy during the advanced invocation. In this example, you begin by finding "The Wheel of Fortune" and separating it from the rest of the deck. Before you lay down the foundation cards, you need to choose the aspects of Jupiter that you'd like to emphasize, which requires you to examine all of the cards within the deck associated with Jupiter, in this case four number cards associated with the fourth sphere, Chesed, and the four number cards with decan associations, the cards with associated zodiac signs, and the cards with related planets.
   First place the card that best represents the ritual purpose in the center of the star, in this case "The Wheel of Fortune." Then lay out the foundation cards, the Aces and Judgement, at the points of the pentagram. Next, lay out the modifying cards in this order if you feel they add power to the ritual:

1) cards signifying zodiac signs
2) cards signifying related planets
3) number cards or court cards

Zodiac Cards on top of Foundation Cards

   The key to selecting the appropriate modifiers is a system of correspondences established by the influential esoteric order known as the Golden Dawn. Each number card in the four suits of the Minor Arcana, from the Twos to the Tens, represents ten degrees of the zodiac, called a decan, and each decan is ruled by a planet. This, as well as the number card's association with a sphere on the Tree of Life and the influence of the suit element, colors the meaning of each card. Determining which modifiers work best when invoking planetary energies is simply a matter of determining the related sphere of the planet on the Tree of Life and the decan associations of the number cards.

Planetary Modifiers on top of Zodiac Cards

Note: "The Wheel of Fortune," the center card

   For instance, Jupiter is associated with Chesed, the fourth sphere on the Tree, so we will be working with the Fours in each of the four suits.

Number Cards (Fours) on top of Planetary Modifiers

Four of Wands.
Four of Cups.
Four of Swords.
Four of Pentacles.

Modifiers for Jupiter (concentrating on Chesed, the fourth sphere of the Tree of Life)

Wands: The Emperor (Aries), The Empress (Venus), the Four of Wands (Venus in Aries, Jupiter in Chesed)
Cups: The Chariot (Cancer), The High Priestess (The Moon), the Four of Cups (The Moon in Cancer, Jupiter in Chesed)
Swords: Justice (Libra), The Wheel of fortune (Jupiter)--center card, the Four of Swords (Jupiter in Libra, Jupiter in Chesed)
Pentacles: The Devil (Capricorn), The Sun (The Sun), the Four of Pentacles (The Sun in Capricorn, Jupiter in Chesed)

   Notice how the zodiac card is placed first on the Ace, followed by the planetary modifier, then the number card. No planetary modifier is necessary for Libra because Jupiter is the central card.


The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

   The Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram starts with the Earth element in the lower left hand corner and moves toward the apex, the element of Spirit, or Aether, then to Fire, Air, Water, and back to Earth. So for the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the player should lay down the card with the unwanted energies in the middle of the star and then the Ace of Pentacles in the lower left hand corner. Then proceed as in the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, placing “Judgement” at the top of the star, the Ace of Wands in the lower right hand corner, the Ace of Swords in the upper left corner, the Ace of Cups in the upper right corner. Then draw the full pentagram above the star in the same order from the Ace of Pentacles back to the Ace of Pentacles, thereby banishing the energies in the card.

Active and Passive Invoking Pentagrams


   Fire and Air are active elements and Earth and Water are passive elements. Therefore, the invoking ritual for Air and Fire is slightly different than the one for Earth and Water. First lay down the card with the energies that you are invoking. Then if you are invoking energy from either the suit of Wands or Swords, start with the Fire element and move toward the Air element, placing the Ace of Wands in the lower right hand corner and then the Ace of Swords in the upper land hand corner, continuing with the Water element and so on until you complete the star. Then draw a complete star above the layout in the same order. If you are invoking the energies from a card in the suit of Pentacles or Cups, start with the Ace of Pentacles in the lower left hand corner and move toward the element of Water in the upper right hand corner, placing the Ace of Cups, continuing until you complete the star. Then draw the pentagram in the same order above the layout.

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