A hand extending from a cloud cups a yellow disk with a pentacle engraved upon it. Below in the garden a walkway leads through a leafy archway, through which mountains can be seen in the distance, suggesting the heights that can be attained in the material realm. Unlike all the other Aces, no Yods can be seen anywhere. The seeds of the life-force have manifested in this realm.
   The Ace of Pentacles represents the element of Earth. The pentacle is a five-pointed star which contains deep spiritual significance. First of all, the pentagram can be drawn in one continuous motion, suggesting its unity of form, but unlike the circle, which has no beginning or end, one can begin drawing the pentagram at any of its five points, each of which has various symbolic associations. In an elegant way, the pentagram reveals the unity of the states of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, and the fifth element of spirit, or Aether, reflecting the esoteric doctrine that four visible states have their root in a fifth, invisible state.
   Like the circle, the pentagram establishes boundaries. As a five-pointed figure, the pentagram stems from the fifth sephira, or state of being, on the Tree of Life known as Geburah (meaning “power” or “severity”). Geburah restricts and controls energy on all levels of being in the same way that a combustion engine controls force so that the engine will run and the vehicle will operate. In other words, the severity of Geburah restricts force so it can function harmoniously within manifestation.
   It is therefore appropriate that the pentagram is a figure representing the most harmonious force in the cosmos, the Christ-force, which balances all the forces of the Tree. The letters of a familiar name of God, also known as the Tetragrammaton, are positioned on the points of the star to reflect this symbolic meaning. The Tetragrammaton contains the Hebrew letters Yod Heh Vau Heh, which spells Yahweh, or Jehovah. Reflecting how manifestation occurs down through the planes of force and form, Yod represents the element of Fire, Heh represents Water, Vau Air, and final Heh Earth, Fire and Air being active planes of force, Water and Earth being passive planes of form. Each of these elements is associated with a suit in the Tarot, Fire with Wands, Water with Cups, Air with Swords, and Earth with Pentacles. To continue the association chain, Fire represents the spiritual plane, Water the mental plane, Air the astral plane, and Earth the physical plane.

WANDS          CUPS          SWORDS          PENTACLES
Fire                  Water          Air                      Earth
Spiritual          Mental         Astral                  Physical
Yod                  Heh            Vau                     Heh

   These five states have as their root a fifth state represented by the Hebrew letter Shin, which signifies the spiritual Aether, the root of manifestation. When Shin is positioned in the center of the God name Yahweh, a new word is created: Yeheshuah. This is a secret name of Christ--down through the years it has morphed into the name Jesus. Shin is positioned at the top of the pentagram to show how the other four elements manifest harmoniously from the root energy. One can draw a star that moves from the most active energies of manifestation to the most passive in one continous motion, beginning with Aether at the top, moving to the lower right point (Fire), then to the upper left point (Air), then over to the upper right point (Water), then to the lower left point (Earth), then back to the top.
   The pentagram symbolizes spirit manifested harmoniously in matter. The pentacle is gold to suggest the incorruptibility of spirit. As the suit of Pentacles reveals, within the manifested world is much suffering, the light of spirit managing to shine through sometimes even in the worst conditions, if allowed. But there is also magic, which we can see if we open our hearts to the luminous spirit manifesting in ordinary things and events.

CORRESPONDING COLOR: White, flecked gold.

QUALITIES: Opening the heart to the luminous spirit manifesting in ordinary things and events. Seeing the magic in ordinary reality. Experiencing the elements existing harmoniously within the self and nature.


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