The Pentagram Divination Spread, Points 1 through 6


   Divination with the Tarot is a type of spiritual diagnosis that reveals the state of the querent's soul at the time of the reading and suggests what will happen if the person remains on his or her current path. The Pentagram Divination Spread clearly reveals the influences of each plane, starting with the quintessence of Spirit, or Aether, at the top of the star (point 1), moving down to Fire (point 2) in the lower right hand corner, up to Air (point 3) in the upper left corner, across to Water (point 4) at the upper right-hand point, down to Earth (point 5) in the lower left-hand corner, and then to the “possible outcome” in the center of the pentagram. This movement from the apex of the star down the planes reflects the process of manifestation from spirit to matter.

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   Divination works through synchronicity. In other words, the cards reflect in the external world the inner, archetypal realm of the subconscious. The more you visualize the Tarot images, the more you will connect with this archetypal realm and understand the energies behind the archetypes. As the Tarot and the Tree of Life reveal, there is a logic in the universe that transcends limited human rationality. This transendent logic flows from the spiritual realm and depends on intuition, a "higher" knowing not connected to the five senses, for understanding. The spiritual realm can intrude in strange, life-altering ways, and a "knowing" or faith in a higher logic can lead to a deeper awareness of the self.

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In the Pentagram Divination Spread, first arrange the deck in this order:

   Before you shuffle, the deck shoulc be arranged so that all the cards are faced down in this order, starting at the bottom: Pentacles (Earth), Swords (Air), Cups (Water), Wands (Fire), and the Major Arcana, cards 21 through 0, at the top. In each suit, the Ace should be at the top followed by Two through Ten, then Page, Knight, Queen, and King in sequence. Make sure The King of Pentacles is faced down on the bottom of the deck and The Fool faced down on the top.
   You may shuffle them in any way that you like, but as you shuffle ask your question in this format: “What would happen if....” Avoid phrasing the question in such a way that you give the cards responsibility for your decision, such as, “What should I do?"    As you shuffle imagine some of the cards as clearly as possible (it doesn’t matter which ones). This begins connecting you to the Tarot archetypes on the astral plane. Keep shuffling until you feel a strong intuition to stop, then lay the cards out from point one to six as shown above. Then read the cards.

Point 1: Unknown spiritual influence.
Point 2: Spiritual basis or motivation.
Point 3: Conscious desires.
Point 4: Subconscious desires.
Point 5: Influence of others or environment.
Center 6: Possible outcome.

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   Interpret the cards in the context of your question, placing special attention on the center card. In this game you are invited to change or strengthen the possible outcome by invoking positive forces related to the center card through simple invocation (see example). At the advanced level, you can banish unwanted energies and then invoke desired energies using the Pentagram Spread.

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