Esoteric Title: Princess of the Waters and the Lotus, Lotus of the Palace of the Floods
Elemental Attributions: Earth (cold, dry) of Water (cold, wet)
Elemental Combination: The Senses transform the Emotions

   A fish in a cup and your ally are staring at each other. Fascinated, your ally bends slightly toward the cup with her back to the ocean, on what appears to be a stage (unlike the King and Queen of the same suit, who are either in the ocean or touching it). Your ally is intrigued by the imagination, but has not yet experienced the power of connection with subtle forces that leads to true vision and original creative work. She appreciates how the emotions and the imagination, when manifested in form, affect the physical senses, but at this stage still finds the subtle forces strange and amusing. Even though she bends gently toward the cup, she still holds it at a distance. Her clothes reveal her flamboyance as well as the sensual possibilities of the imagination, but she is still too dreamy, unfocused, and inexperienced to create anything revealing deep connection with powerful inner and outer forces. However, her fascination with the cup suggests that the potential for significant psychic or creative work exists within her. Like all the pages, she is a student, and she is beginning her quest for deeper knowledge in the psychic realms of dreams and the imagination.

QUALITIES: Curious, imaginative, psychic, dreamy, sensual, introspective, open, potential for significant psychic or creative work.

The Knight of Cups.
The King of Swords.
The Page of Wands.
The Page of Swords.
The Moon.
The World.