During meditation, you are going to cleanse each major wheel of energy, or chakra, mentally, with an imaginary white cloth and pure water. The chakras are energy centers within your aura, the egg of subtle energy that surrounds your physical body. The primary chakras correspond to the spine and usually turn clock-wise. (If you hold a pendulum made from a paperclip and a thread over a chakra, such as the stomach or heart center, after a few seconds the paperclip will start spinning around.) Within the aura, the chakras extend outward into the astral, mental and spiritual levels. In fact, you can mentally tell the pendulum to spin only in the astral or mental or spiritual level, and the chakra usually will respond to the command, just like a hand or arm or shoulder responds to thought. The lower chakras are associated with an individual’s preservation instincts, sex drive, and personal power; the higher ones are linked with communication, imagination, and spiritual awareness. The heart center, besides being the center of sympathy and love, links the lower centers related to the physical realm with the higher centers related to the spiritual levels.
   Over the years, negative energy from traumas and social conditioning accumulate in the energy centers, blocking the flow of the life-force. Whatever is negative in each chakra, you will mentally wipe clean with the cloth. Sometimes you will have to continue wiping the chakra repeatedly, until it remains pristine. Sometimes you will find something that mentally you will need to pull out of the chakra. You might discover a message of some kind. Whatever you find, ask yourself what it means. Usually your higher self, through your subconscious, will immediately communicate its significance to you.
   Cleanse your primary chakra system, starting with the root chakra, which is between the anus and the genitals. The chakras contain more than one color, but the subconscious mind identifies one basic color with each chakra. So begin by visualizing the root chakra as a turning, red martini glass or a red wheel. Imagine wiping it out with a damp, white cloth.
   Make a mental note of whatever you encounter within each chakra. Your subconscious mind is communicating with you. The next chakra, in the general area of the navel, is orange. Again, envision the chakra as a turning glass or wheel. Wipe out any impurities. Repeat the same process for the solar plexis chakra (between the navel and the heart), which is yellow. Keep cleansing yourself mentally:

   The heart chakra is green.
   The throat chakra, blue.
   The third-eye chakra (middle of forehead): violet.
   The crown chakra (top of head): brilliant white.

   This process will not always be easy. You might have to face thorny or repressed aspects of the self. You might ‘see’ that your energy system is out of balance or blocked in some way. You might remember unpleasant experiences or people from your past, but remember also that you are only judging yourself now to identify what interferes with your growth. The subconscious mind of the average person contains a fair share of junk, guilt, strange entities, and even some monsters. The element of fire and the Hebrew letter "shin," which means tooth, or tooth of fire, and suggests the holy spirit, are both associated with this path. Whatever you cannot wipe clean, you will mentally burn away or drain from a hole in your back or your feet down into the earth's core, to be purified by the fire of the earth's mantle.
   You may find that forgiveness is an important aspect of the cleansing process. Forgive everyone who has harmed you. You can imagine a cup in front of you on a table and envision negative emotions leaving your body and going into the cup, where they drain into the earth. If you feel that you need to be forgiven, call the negative energy from the person that you harmed back to you, channeling it into the cup and draining it also into the earth. See it purified by the fire of the magma.
   You will know when you are done, at least for the time being. It is possible at this point that you will begin to have visions during meditation because you have cleared the way for the higher self to communicate with you through the language of the subconscious mind: archetypes and symbols.
   Imagine the fire of compassion blowing into you until your entire etheric body is white with fire. No impurities remain.
   You are light, and you ‘see’ the light in everything and everyone. If you feel negative emotions again because of some event in your life, which is inevitable, don't judge yourself critically. Remember that you can always cleanse yourself again.

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