Esoteric Title: Prince of the Chariot of the Waters
Elemental Attributions: Fire (hot, dry) of Water (cold, wet)
Elemental Combination: Spiritual Will transforms the Emotions

   Your ally sits on his throne in the middle of the ocean, a figure of stability within the flux of vast forces. As the king of his element, he is spiritually adept and a master of emotions and the creative imagination. Unlike the Queen, he is not on land, which symbolizes the conscious mind, but, even though the base of his throne is immersed in the sea, your ally has learned to distance himself from its forces to maintain a strong sense of identity and social responsibility. As a ruler, he is like a good father, kind, sensitive, considerate, generous, protective, and responsible, but some tension exists between his role and his innate need to indulge in creativity and to remain in touch with the cosmic energies. He looks away from his cup, which (compared to the Queen’s) is conventional. The transformative energy of creativity resides primarily in his crown. His foot (unlike the Queen’s) does not touch the water. His position has derived from his creative mastery, but his will, when he chooses, enables him to step away from his imaginative tendencies. A fish jumps behind him, revealing that his creative impulses are strong, though in the background. He can allow his imagination to set sail, like the ship behind him if he chooses. He remains seated on his throne, having achieved success and maturity in his work, and his scepter reveals his dominion over his element.

QUALITIES: Imaginative, emotional, spiritually adept, psychic, sensitive, mature, stable, masterful, disciplined, immersed in creative cosmic forces but able to step back from them and remain a socially responsible member of the community.

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