A hand projecting from a cloud holds up a large, phallic wand from which leaves are sprouting. Several leaves, in a shape resembling the Hebrew letter Yod, which itself symbolizes the fiery seed of life, fall through a white sky. In the background, a tower rises above the rest of the landscape, suggesting the human ability to manipulate Fire through will to create a stable community. It is easy to believe that the masculine, dynamic force of Fire manifests primarily as sex in the physical realm, but the element of Fire, as the castle suggests, manifests through all levels of being in incredibly diverse ways, in human communities and in the natural world. The potency of the life-force on all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical, represented symbolically by the wand, suggests that individual power, symbolized by sexual potency, comes directly from the life-force that we channel into the sphere of senstation, the aura, on all levels--whether we are aware of it or not. Blocking the life-force through ignorance or unnecessary taboos can lead to spiritual, psychological and physical difficulties.
   The quintessence of the four elements is Aether, the fifth invisible element from which the other elements originate. The element of Fire, representing the spiritual will, emanates directly from the Aether. It first manifests as the dynamic, masculine spiritual will in the second sphere of the Tree of Life, known as Chokmah. As one moves down the planes, one finds the element of Fire, which is the impulse behind all of nature, associated the power of Mars in Geburah and with the natural beauty of Venus in the sphere of Netzach, which reveals why leaves sprout from each wand in the suit. By knowing what to create and what to burn away, a person operating in this element can channel impulses to manifest harmony for himself, for the family, and for the community, which requires great wisdom and discipline, two qualities necessary for the completion of the Great Work. This element is pure life force, which ultimately manifests on all levels of the human psyche, from the intuitive to the artistic to the intellectual to the sexual to the instinctual. In this element, when the subtle senses are open, one feels the power and influence of the higher self. It is the Fire that motivates, the Fire that ultimately burns everything but the spirit away, so that one communes with Source alone. The invisible flame is all that remains after desire for external things has vanished. No ritual or book or guru is enough. This flame is what motivates one to reach the heights, despite all adversity.


QUALITIES: Experiencing the unobstructed power of the life-force on all levels and the motivation to achieve the heights of the spirit.


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