Moon in Sagittarius, Moon in Yesod

   Your ally stands up straight with a little effort after suffering a blow to the head. He might be a little dazed, but he is ready for any challenge. Behind him, the other wands standing up straight suggest strength on other levels. Perhaps he has many allies who can come to his aid, or perhaps the wands signal strength on other levels of the psyche. Your ally is unwaveringly strong under the influence of the Moon in Sagittarius in a sphere known as Yesod, the Foundation. On the cosmic level, one of the two main characteristics of Yesod, the Foundation, is strength. The other quality, which might seem contradictory at first, is the flux associated with water and the Moon. The strength inherent in the flux of the Foundation can be understood more easily in terms of a body of water like the ocean, with its constantly shifting waves and deep currents. The tides and waves and currents keep changing, but the the ocean remains a vast, powerful force. The Moon, also associated with the depths of the subconscious mind, is a strong influence on our ally on a personal level. His strength stems from a subconscious, spiritual source. (The suit of Wands symbolizes the plane of spiritual will, a plane often buried deep within the subconscious mind of the individual). The sun shines on the moon, which in terms of the Tree of Life symbolically suggests the Higher Self stimulating subconscious motivations. Sagittarians are known for having strongly idealistic natures that can suffer many disappointments without being affected because of their passion for justice. They tend to fight for any cause they believe to be just, and are usually on the side of the underdog. Whether your ally is aware of it or not, these qualities stem from the Higher Self.

Basics of Tarot Invocation.


QUALITIES: Experiencing strength from a subconscious, spiritual source or the light of the Higher Self causing subconscious motivations.

POSSIBLE ADVERSARIES: The Obscene Ones (The Moon).

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Connecting paths:

The Star.
The Sun.
The World.

Astrological associations:

The High Priestess (The Moon).
Temperance (Sagittarius).