Mars in Gemini, Moon in Yesod

   Your ally sits up in bed, hands covering her face. Nine swords hang horizontally over the bed, three of which, as your ally bends forward, seem to pierce the four chakras related to the spiritual dimension of the self: the crown, the third eye, the throat, and the heart. At first glance, your ally appears to be suffering from the effects of cruelty, which is a vice of Mars stemming from unbalanced force in that sphere, or she might be suffering from grief, which is a common result of the constant change associated with the Moon. However, on the level associated with the element of Air in the ninth sphere, the influences of Mars and Gemini can also be felt on a deeper level. The scene suggests that a blockage of the life-force between the higher and lower chakras, the energy centers in the aura, causes the despair. Stress and trauma from dysfunction and cruelty can close or block the chakras. Gemini symbolizes the dual nature of the self, the physical and spiritual aspects of the human being. Your ally is covering her eyes, blinding herself to the spiritual dimension and its relationship to the physical dimension of the self, hence the blackness in the background. All levels of being are connected, and this is no different in the chakra system of the aura. The true power of Mars on the physical level is linked to a balance of the higher chakras with the lower chakras, the life-force flowing harmoniously throughout the whole system, both upward and downward. When a blockage exists between the spiritual and physical levels, the life-force on the lower levels, which includes the sex-life (associated with the Moon), is adversely affected, and weakness and psychological suffering can result. Itís no accident that for your ally the spiritual dimension is blacked out and the lower half of the body is covered. However, there is always hope. On the blanket are red roses, red symbollically associated with both Mars and romantic love. Also on the blanket are astrological signs, a reminder that the psyche always has the potential to balance the life-forces and regain the health of both mind and body.

Invoke Mars.

CORRESPONDING COLOR: Very dark purple.

QUALITIES: Balancing of the higher chakras with the lower chakras, the life-force flowing harmoniously throughout the whole system. Eliminating blockages between the spiritual and physical levels. Regaining the health of both mind and body.

POSSIBLE ADVERSARIES: The Burners (Mars). The Obscene Ones (The Moon).

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The Eight of Swords.
The Ten of Swords.

Connecting paths:

The Star.
The Sun.
The World.

Astrological association:

The Tower (Mars).
The Lovers (Gemini).