Jupiter in Pisces, Moon in Yesod

   Your ally sits on a bench with a smile on his face. A table laden with golden cups forms a semicircle around him. To some, the smile on your ally's face and the abundance of cups might suggest happiness achieved through hedonism, but your ally is feeling the influences of the Moon and Jupiter in Pisces. Your ally is not surrounded by emblems of wealth and power but by golden cups that like the grail suggest spirit manifesting in matter. (The base of each golden cup forms a truncated pyramid, a symbol of matter.) Your ally’s brand of hedonism, in other words, leads to joyful spiritual inebriation in the material realm. Your ally realizes that the physical senses are not evil but can be channels for spiritual enlightenment. The physical senses and the subtle senses can both be affected at the same time, the way a piece of music can ravish the ear and at the same time have a profound effect on the emotions, to the point of awakening spiritual awareness. Jupiter represents expansive development, which, when associated with the Moon, suggests the expansion of awareness on the path of sensuality, exploring the beauty in the natural world and the arts through the senses to achieve a higher state of understanding. Your ally realizes that ascetism is one path, but not the only path. There is much ugliness and suffering in the material world, but an openness to its ravishing beauty can lead to an opening of the subtle senses and a greater understanding of the spirit. The influence of Pisces and the Moon suggests that material happiness is not only caused by possessions but by the expansion of consciousness through the exploration of the physical senses, the emotions, the intellect, and the imagination together. Your ally is like a magician who engages the senses with incense and music and color and dance in order to concentrate the emotions and the intellect on a spiritual force--so that he lives a more abundant inner life.


QUALITIES: Exploring the beauty in the natural world and the arts through the senses to achieve a higher state of understanding. Opening the subtle senses to experience spiritual inebriation.

POSSIBLE ADVERSARIES: The Breakers in Pieces (Jupiter). The Obscene Ones (The Moon).


The Eight of Cups.
The Ten of Cups.

Connecting paths:

The Star.
The Sun.
The World.

Astrological association:

The Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter)
The Moon (Pisces).