Sun in Virgo, Mercury in Hod

   Your ally sits quietly on a bench making pentacles. He wears an apron, which suggests his training and discipline, yet he appears almost lost in his work. He knows the value of prudence, which nowadays has a negative connotation of "stodginess," but which on the positive side suggests foresight and deep knowledge of the self and the world. As he carves the star with his mallet and chisel, he shows a single-pointed focus. This care and love for the work itself seems to be more important than any reward--in fact, it seems to be the reward--yet the artisan is not unmindful of the community in the distance. A road extends from the town to his workshop. Your ally knows that the work, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, must be connected to the community to be meaningful.

CORRESPONDING COLOR: Yellowish black, flecked with white.

QUALITIES: Realizing work as its own reward and its meaningful connection to the community.

POSSIBLE ADVERSARIES: The Disputers (The Sun). The Liars (Mercury).


The Seven of Pentacles.
The Nine of Pentacles.

Connecting paths:

The Hanged Man.
The Devil.
The Tower.
The Sun (The Sun).

Astrological associations:

The Hermit (Virgo).