Mars in Leo, Venus in Netzach

   The water at his feet might be only a puddle, but your ally appears to tower, larger than life, over what resembles a river next to a cliff. Alone with his wand, your ally is facing six other wands, his posture revealing that the wands in the forground belong to adversaries. Your ally is experiencing the influence of Venus, which is unstable on the lower planes. He might at first appear to be foolishly taking on a much greater force in an act of valor doomed to failure, but the key to his valor lies in understanding the influences of Mars in Leo. Mars linked with the Fire sign Leo suggests that your ally has a courageous, indomitable spirit. Moreover, the power associated with Mars in the sphere of Venus reveals the power of the life-force psychologically linked to the sex life of the individual. The influence of Venus on the lower planes might be unstable, but the marriage of Mars and Venus on the spiritual plane leads to a power sublimated into valor--as long as the life-force is not obstructed in any way. Combined with the fiery courage of Leo, the energies of Venus and Mars on the spiritual plane might very well lead to a victory against much greater odds.


QUALITIES: Experiencing the life-force sublimated into valor at the spiritual level. Fighting courageously and powerfully against much greater odds.

POSSIBLE ADVERSARIES: The Burners (Mars). The Ravens of Dispersion (Venus).

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Connecting paths:

The Wheel of Fortune.
The Tower.
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The Moon.

Astrological associations:

The Tower (Mars).
Strength (Leo).