Sun in Capricorn, Jupiter in Chesed (Fourth Sphere)

   Your ally towers over the community, the pentacle above his head suggesting the crown chakra that corresponds to the Source of all creation, Kether, the top sphere of the Tree of Life. His arms encircle another pentacle in front of his chest, associated with the heart center, which corresponds to Tiphareth, the sixth sphere on the Tree of Life that balances the energies above and below it. Your ally’s feet rest on pentacles as if he is earthing the energies (a quality of Capricorn) of the two higher chakras--the crown and heart centers representing the essential power behind manifestation and within manifestation. Your ally recognizes that this force is immanent and transcendent, existing beyond manifestation and in all things within nature and humanity. He might at first appear miserly and controlling, but he is channeling the most dynamic, creative force in the cosmos (directly in line with Chokmah on the Pillar of Mercy), to build and expand, establish harmony, maintain law and order, and protect the community, revealing the magnificence, harmony and abundance that is within each human being and literally right at our feet (qualities associated with Jupiter).

CORRESPONDING COLOR: Deep azure, flecked yellow.

QUALITIES: Knowing the energies of the Source as they manifest in the world. Building and expanding, establishing and maintaining order. Revealing magnificence, harmony and abundance within us and in the world.

POSSIBLE ADVERSARIES: The Disputers (The Sun). The Breakers in Pieces (Jupiter).


The Three of Pentacles.
The Five of Pentacles.

Connecting Paths:

The Hierophant.
The Hermit.
The Wheel of Fortune.

Astrological associations:

The Sun.
The Devil (Capricorn).