Sun in Aries, Saturn in Binah

   Your ally stands on a ridge gazing out at a golden sea. Within our view, the sea is bounded completely by the land, suggesting the restriction of free-flowing force within established boundaries, characteristic of Saturn as well as the third sphere on the Tree of Life known as Binah. Your ally feels transcendent cosmic forces, but we cannot tell how he is affected by them because his back is turned to us, his posture suggesting only stability. The experience of cosmic consciousness is difficult to communicate to others. Your ally is experiencing the energies of the third sephira, a sphere that completes the supernal triad containing the Source, the masculine principle (God), and the feminine principle (Goddess), establishing a basic polarity of manifestation. Even though this triad is transcendent, beyond the Abyss that separates human consciousness from the transpersonal aspects of the One, this original trinity forms the basis for the diversity of all that was, all that is, and all that shall ever be within the planes of manifestation. The third sphere, as the womb of creation, establishes the Goddess as the creator, preserver, and destroyer. Once force is restricted by form, death is inevitable, but so is rebirth, and the cycle begins all over again for everything that has ever manifested on the physical plane (including your ally). Besides the restrictive influence of Saturn, your ally also feels the powerful influences of the Sun and Aries, hence the fiery golden atmosphere. The physical sun is the basis of all life on the planet, and Aries represents the energy of spring. Your ally, standing on a ridge overlooking the sea, remains stable yet open, experiencing the light of the source and the energies of rebirth within himself and the established cycles of existence.


QUALITIES: Experiencing cosmic consciousness. Feeling cosmic forces but recognizing their boundaries in human life. Being firmly established as a spiritual being having a human experience within the cycles of existence. Feeling a sense of re-birth in yourself and the world.

POSSIBLE ADVERSARIES: The Disputers (The Sun). The Hinderers, The Concealers (Saturn).


The Two of Wands.
The Four of Wands.
The Queen of Wands.

Connecting Paths:

The Magician.
The Empress.
The Chariot.
The Lovers.

Astrological associations:

The Sun.
The Emperor (Aries).