Saturn in Libra, Saturn in Binah

   Your ally presents a simple but disturbing image. A red heart floats in the sky in front of rain clouds. Three swords have pierced the heart, two crossing each other and one straight down through the middle. Strangely, no blood flows from the heart, only rain falls from the clouds. The storm is not raging; the rain is gentle. The rain falls and begins the cycle within which creation occurs, and the third sphere, known as Binah, is the celestial Mother of creation (the second sphere being the celestial Father). Binah is the female principle still “outside” of manifestation. From her womb, all of creation issues forth on the lower planes. The third sphere restricts (a quality of Saturn) free-flowing force, and the limiting boundaries of form, from the perspective of spirit, is a kind of imprisonment. The third sphere also ushers in death because everything that is created is eventually destroyed (hence Saturn’s association with the grim reaper). From this knowledge comes the Vision of Sorrow. Suffering is inevitable: destruction follows creation. But regeneration follows death in an endless cycle. The image is simple and balanced (a quality of Libra), like the cycle of birth, death, and regeneration itself. The cosmos would remain static without this cycle, and the soul would not experience the contrasts that enables it to know true joy and understand the meaning of beauty. The suit of Swords represents the element of Air, the plane of the conscious mind, which is aware of change and loss, a self-awareness that leads to suffering, but though suffering and sorrow may be painful and debilitating, from the contrasts--and the recognition of mortality--we slowly learn and grow and establish harmony within ourselves.

Invoke Mercury (Saturn on a lower arc.)


QUALITIES: Accepting that suffering is inevitable: destruction follows creation, but regeneration follows death in an endless cycle. Experiencing the contrast that enables the soul to know true joy and understand the meaning of beauty.

POSSIBLE ADVERSARIES: The Hinderers, The Concealers (Saturn).

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The Two of Swords.
The Four of Swords.
The Queen of Swords.

Connecting paths:

The Magician.
The Empress.
The Chariot.
The Lovers.

Astrological association:

The World (Saturn).
Justice (Libra).