Mars in Capricorn, Saturn in Binah (Third Sphere)

   Wearing an apron, your ally, a master mason, labors on a religious edifice. The apron is yellow, associated with Air, symbolizing the use of mental energy. A monk and an architect consult with the master, implying that the best work combines spiritual understanding with technical skill. The design contains pentagrams and equal-armed crosses, both of which evoke the harmony of the elements, but they also suggest the process of manifestation itself. In the design, the three pentagrams are within an upward pointing triangle, symbol of the element of Fire, and the flower is within a downward pointing triangle, symbol of the element of Water. The hint of a line across the upward triangle also suggests the element of Air, and the edifice itself symbolizes the element of Earth. Like the Magician in Trump II, your ally brings energy down through the planes of manifestation. Your ally first feels the inspiration, the spiritual impulse of Fire, then builds the designs in his imagination, associated with Water. He uses his technical knowledge, associated with Air, and then realizes the designs in form, associated with Earth. In Trump II, the mental energy of the Magician is emphasized. In the Three of Pentacles, the master labors to realize his visions within the material plane, influenced by Mars in Capricorn as well as Saturn, meaning that the energy is earthed (Capricorn) and restricted in form (Saturn). Feeling the influence of Mars, he carves away whatever is not essential. The same process applies whether work is being treated in the literal sense or as a symbol of artistic or spiritual development. Care in the act of creation reveals an understanding of the significance of the spiritual principles represented by the symbols. Because he has internalized the forces, your ally can give them definite, appropriate form, providing necessary links for maintaining community.

CORRESPONDING COLOR: Gray flecked pink.

QUALITIES: Combining spiritual understanding with technical knowledge. Bringing energy down the planes in the process of creation, through inspiration, imagination, technical knowledge and skill.

POSSIBLE ADVERSARIES: The Burners (Mars). The Hinderers, The Concealers (Saturn).


The Two of Pentacles.
The Four of Pentacles.
The Queen of Pentacles.

Connecting Paths:

The Magician.
The Empress.
The Chariot.
The Lovers.

Astrological associations:

The Tower (Mars).
The Devil (Capricorn).