Mercury in Cancer, Saturn in Binah

   Your allies dance before you as the Three Graces, Goddesses of splendor and abundance who preside over banquets, dances, and other pleasurable events, bringing joy and goodwill to both Gods and mortals alike. Like the Muses, they endow artists with the ability to create stunningly beautiful works of art. In this dance, you feel the influence of both Cancer and Mercury. For appreciation of the arts--or beauty in general--the subtle senses must be open, and the emotions as well as the sympathetic imagination engaged. The influence of Cancer stimulates the subtle senses and the imagination, which manifests as an active and abundant internal life that is often reflected in external circumstances, including a harmonious home and an exploration of the arts. When the subtle senses are open, a person is more psychic, more open to an abundance of spiritual influences as well. The influence of Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, is necessarily linked to harmony and abundance, a state which cannot manifest without a conscious pursuit of beauty, the inspirations for which are often communicated from the depths of the psyche. As your allies lift their golden cups, you can feel the emotional, mental, and spiritual inebriation of the inspired life.


QUALITIES: Opening the subtle senses and engaging the imagination to appreciate and create beauty. Feeling the emotional, mental, and spiritual inebriation of the inspired life. A state of internal harmony and abundance reflected in the external world.

POSSIBLE ADVERSARIES: The Liars (Mercury). The Hinderers, The Concealers (Saturn).

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