Mars in Aries, Zodiac in Chokmah

   Your ally stands on a castle wall and holds a globe of the world in his right hand and a wand in his left. In truth, it's difficult to tell if he is gazing far off at the sea or at the globe in his hand. He is not intimidating, like some great warrior or hero. Though average in appearance, he has the air of being a master. He is standing in the influences of Mars and Aries in the second sphere of the Tree of Life, which is the key to understanding his dominion. Chokmah, containing unimaginable power in equilibrium, is the first sphere emanated from the Source, and Aries the Ram is the first sign in the zodiac, which corresponds to the birth of spring. Mars, like the ram (Aries), essentially represents the sheer power and potency of the life-force, but Mars is not just power--Mars also burns away what does not serve the life-force according to the laws of nature and karma. Your ally stands with the vast power of the life-force balanced within himself. Within his sphere of sensation, he is in complete dominion of his own world. But your ally also looks upon and and draws from the vast potential of creative energies within the cosmos. As a microcosm within the macrocosm, your ally, as an individual (a personal energy field), is a reflection of the cosmos (the universal energy field), and draws upon the vast energies of the life-force at all levels of being. The sea in the distance not only symbolizes cosmic power--it is also a symbol of the next sphere, Binah, which, in the evolution of the Tree of Life, emanates from Chokmah and stands in polarity to it. If Chokmah is the sphere where the One becomes aware of Itself, Binah is the first sphere to establish the principle of polarity, most notably of the feminine principle balancing the masculine principle. On the Tree of Life, Binah is the celestial Mother, and Chokmah is the celestial Father. Recognizing the creative possibilities of connection and polarity between himself and the cosmos and anything that is “other” or “opposite,” your ally, in dominion of himself, maintains the unobstructed power of the life-force in perfect balance within the laws of nature.


QUALITIES: Feeling dominion of the world within yourself, with the unobstructed power of the life-force on all levels in balance.



The Ace of Wands.
The Three of Wands.
The King of Wands.

Connecting Paths:

The Fool.
The Empress.
The Hierophant.

Astrological associations:

The Tower (Mars).
The Emperor (Aries).