Moon in Libra, Zodiac in Chokmah

   Your ally sits on a bench in front of a calm body of water. She crosses her arms, holding a long sword in each hand. Since the swords are so long (the tips of both swords extend outside of the picture), this balancing act obviously requires great strength and concentration. Your ally, who resembles the figure of Justice, wears a blindfold, which perhaps is helping her to concentrate. The figure in Justice, Trump XI, however, does not wear a blindfold, suggesting that justice is not blind--true justice sees all. So your ally appears to represent something besides the force of karma. Since she is in the second sphere, Chokmah, a sphere of almost unimaginable power and energy, she is concentrating on balancing forces (a quality of Libra)--an act of great discipline in such a dynamic sphere. The second sphere balances the forces of the Source, establishing equilibrium. Your ally wears a blindfold to suggest that the force of equilibrium is at this stage a blind, primal state “outside” of nature, just as Chokmah is a supernal sphere “outside” of manifestation, and she wears white to suggest how all colors together form one pure color in a state “above” or “beyond" the diverse forms of creation. The harmony within diversity cannot be seen because the diverse forms exist on “lower” planes, hence another reason for the blindfold. The sense of primal unity, willful balance and stability within the dynamic powers and flux of creation, suggested by water and the Moon, is what your ally provides.

CORRESPONDING COLOR: Pearl-gray, iridescent.

QUALITIES: Providing a sense of primal unity, willful balance and stability within the dynamic powers and flux of creation.

POSSIBLE ADVERSARIES: The Obscene Ones (The Moon).


The Ace of Swords.
The Three of Swords.
The King of Swords

Connecting paths:

The Fool.
The Empress.
The Hierophant.

Astrological associations:

The High Priestess (The Moon).
Justice (Libra).