Jupiter in Capricorn, Zodiac in Chokmah (Second Sphere)

   Your ally stands in front of the sea, juggling two pentacles inside of a green strip that forms a lemniscate, the symbol of eternity. Behind him, ships roll up and down, maintaining balance on the waves as your ally dances. He resembles a carnival figure on stage, a clown or a fool, but he also evokes the figure in Trump XXI, The World, who is also caught up in the perpetual, ecstatic dance of being. In a sphere of great dynamic energy that has emanated directly from the Source itself, your ally, like the Fool, remains open and child-like, but he demonstrates the skill and wisdom necessary to balance the powerful life forces. He responds with resilience, an eternal child, to all of the rhythms and vicissitudes of life. Innocent and wise, aware of the infinitude within, your ally skillfully handles changes and the life-forces as they manifest on the earth in all of their diversity.

CORRESPONDING COLOR: White flecked with red, blue, and yellow.

QUALITIES: Remaining an eternal child, resilient and innocent, despite the vicissitudes of experience, due to an awareness of the infinitude within. Experiencing life as a dance. Balancing dynamic life forces.

POSSIBLE ADVERSARIES: The Breakers in Pieces (Jupiter).


The Ace of Pentacles.
The Three of Pentacles.
The King of Pentacles.
The Queen of Pentacles.

Connecting paths:

The Fool.
The Empress.
The Hierophant.

Astrological associations:

The Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter).
The Devil (Capricorn).