Venus in Cancer, Zodiac in Chokmah

   A man and a woman, both holding a golden cup, face each other while one reaches over to touch the other tenderly. The magnetism they feel draws them together, and the energy they generate rises above them, symbolized by the red lion’s winged head above intertwined serpents. The snakes reveal an occult, or “hidden,” philosophy of love. The bodies of the snakes join and move apart at different levels of being, the physical at the bottom, up into the astral, the mental, and the spiritual. Your allies are, in other words, “mated," in tune with each other at each of these levels. Moreover, your allies, who are in the second sphere on the Tree of Life, also reveal the energy of polarity in equilibrium and expansion, which is characteristic of the life-force in its unobstructed, natural state. The most primal expansion in terms of the Tree of Life was the first cosmic act of creation within manifestation, with Kether, the Source, emanating Chokmah, the second sphere, or state of being, establishing equilibrium and then expanding again to give rise to the third sphere, the state known as Binah. This process occurs naturally also within the individual at different levels of his or her being. The entwined serpents suggest the caduceus, the ancient symbol of health that reveals the open and balanced channels, both masculine and feminine, of the life-force in the aura. The red lion shows the fiery expansion of the kundalini, which is the life-force thrilling through every level of the psyche--physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual--when nothing is blocking it. But the kundalini is not pure expansiveness--it is expansion that occurs in its optimal state in balanced equilibrium, as suggested by the entwined serpents. The powerful energy of the life-force, to be anything more than blinding fireworks, needs to be firmly grounded and provide stability for love to flourish, which is suggested by the home in the background.


QUALITIES: Being mated with your partner on all levels, with the unobstructed power of the life-force expanding in equilibrium.

POSSIBLE ADVERSARIES: The Ravens of Dispersion (Venus).

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