Mercury in Virgo, four elements in Malkuth.

   In an archway, a woman gazes over her shoulder at a man holding a wand while a child clings to her dress. No one in the group notices the old man in the robe of many colors or the golden coins floating above the street, arranged like the spheres of the Tree of Life. Only dogs seem attracted to the man who has magic sigils on his robe. Perhaps the old man is only a street performer, full of cheap tricks. Nevertheless, he has an air of magic about him. Did he create an illusion or was the Tree of Life always there? Are you only now seeing it because like him you are paying attention to the ordinary world? Perhaps you have become for a moment like the magician, experiencing the magical energies that manifest in such an orderly fashion that almost everyone takes them for granted. Suddenly, the street is strange and miraculous and full of abundance and potential, yet no one seems to notice, except you and the old man. Suddenly you sense the presence of powerful forces in the every day world. You donít know if the old man or the Tree of Life has given you this second sight, but as you pass, you wordlessly nod at your ally, hoping that your gratitude is understood.

CORRESPONDING COLOR: Black, rayed with yellow.

QUALITIES: Experiencing the magical energies that manifest in the ordinary world. Recognizing that your world is strange and miraculous and full of abundance and potential.



The Page of Pentacles.
The Nine of Pentacles.

Connecting paths:

The World.
The Moon.

Astrological associations:

The Magician (Mercury).
The Hermit (Virgo).